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bath re enamelling london

Bath Re Enamelling & Bath Repair Specialists London

Miltons has over 30 years experience in bath re enamelling and bath resurfacing. We have 100s of 5 Star Reviews under our Miltons Brand Name. Bath re enamelling will restore your bath without having to replace. Our technicians are reenamelling bath specialists with a team over over 15 bath re enamelling experts across London. 

Covering London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Birmingham, Gloucestershire etc 

Miltons is a family run business by two brothers. Bath re enamelling specialists covering all over London. We have done bath reenamelling and resurfacing the top industries and construction companies in the UK. Our bath re enamelling and resurfacing procedure is the best out there. 

Benefits of Bath Restoration:
  • 5 Year Warranty on Bath Re Enamelling 
  • Long lasting and durable finish
  • Cheaper than replacing the bath
  • Easy to clean
  • Can use the bath in 24 hours 
  • Re enamelled in situ( you don’t have remove the bath)
  • No Plumbers, builders or Tilers needed

 Miltons can re enamel a bath so its look and feels like a new bath. The bath should last over 10 years or more if it is cleaned and maintained.  Best bath re enamelling experts in London. 100s of reviews. Over 30 years experience in bath re enamelling, resurfacing, refinishing and restoration.

Expert Resurfacing and Re Enamelling Technicians

  • Bath Re Enamelling
  • Shower Tray Re Enamelling 
  • Sink Re Enamelling 
Bath Re Enamelling London Before & After Results

Bath Re Enamelling Cost

 Bath re enamelling cost £425 -475 Plus VAT

Sink Re Enamelling & Resurfacing

Miltons also specialise in sink re enamelling and resurfacing. Many times the customer when they are getting their bath done also would like to get the sink or basin enamelled to so its a pair and matches fully in the bathroom.

Bath, showers and sinks are all different shades of white so unless you get a bath and sink set they may be slightly different shades of white.

Also sinks and shower trays can also become dull and rough over time. They can have chips and scratches on them and look worn out.  

Miltons can re enamel your sink and bath to make it look like new.

We have re enamelled butler sinks and kitchens sinks too when it may be too difficult to replace.

Sink Re Enamelling costs about £425 plus VAT depending on the damage and if it needs stripped back if been re enamelled before.

Shower Tray Re Enamelling & Resurfacing

Shower tray re enamelling is getting more and more common now as may shower trays are tiled in to the wall and could be very difficult to replace without having to get new tiling and paintwork done also. 

We can re enamel your shower tray to look like new so you do not have to go to the hassle to replace and run the risk of damaging things.

Its also a lot cheaper to get the shower tray resurfaced than replacing 

Shower Tray re enamelling costs about £ 395 – 445 Plus VAT

Why Choose Miltons Bath Re Enamelling London:
  • 100s of 5 Star Google Reviews
  • 5 Stars on Trustpilot Reviews
  • Over 30 years experience
  • 5 Year Warranty on Bath Resurfacing & Re Enamelling.
  • Can use in 24 Hours
  • Work takes about 5-8hours labour
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Top rated Miltons Bath Enamel Repair London Parent Company
Bath Resurfacing Before
Bath Resurfacing After
Bath Re Enamelling Basic Procedure
  1. Thoroughly clean and sand the bath
  2. If needed, if the bath has been re enamelled before, we remove the enamel surface that may be flaking or cracking and take it back to the original surface.
  3. Fill in any chips, remove and limescale, old mouldy silicone.
  4. Mask the whole bathroom with brown paper or plastic sheeting to ensure everything is protected.
  5. Dust Sheet the floor, sink, toilet, basin, radiator etc
  6. First primer adhesive is used.
  7. Second primer sprayed on the bath 
  8. Sand the bath down after the second primer
  9. Spray the white enamel coating on the bath using 3 or 4 coats of enamel for a thick, long lasting finish
  10. Leave for over 1 hour
  11. Polish the bath to ensure smooth and shiny. 
  12. Re silicone if needed around the bath
How to Clean a Bath

1. Use a spray general spray cleaner like Mr Muscle, Flash, Ecover and spray over the bath and leave for 5-10 mins. Then wipe it down with a sponge.

2. Do not use Bleach or Cif Cream products as they can dull the bath over time and it will loose its shine. It can become porous and trap dirt.

How Long Will the Bath Last after being Re Enamelled?

The bath should last over 10 years or more if its cleaned and maintained properly. Bath re enamelling is a very cost effective way to restore a bathtub instead of replacing. 

We offer a 5 year warranty on the bath re enamelling. The warranty covers flaking or cracking of the re enamelled surface. 

The warranty does NOT cover new chips, limescale, discolouration from hair dyes, bath bombs. It guarantee does not cover wear and tear and dirt build up. If the bath is cleaned and maintained the surface should last years 

Other Repairs We Do:
  • Bathtub Enamel Repairs, Bath Crack Repairs, Bathtub Chip Repairs, Bath Hole Repairs & Full Bath Resurfacing 
  • Shower Tray Repairs– Shower Tray Crack, Chip & Full Shower Tray Re Enamelling & Resurfacing
  • Ceramic Sink Repairs – Sink Crack, Chip and Full Sink Re Enamelling 
Miltons Bath Re Enamelling Services
Bath Re-Enamelling

Sink Re Enamelling

Shower Tray Re Enamelling

1,000s of Positive Reviews


How long does the bath re enamelling take ?

A bath, shower or sink can be re enamelled and resurfaced in about 6-8 hours from start to finish

How long is the warranty?

Bath, Shower & Sink Re Enamelling & Resurfacing comes with a 5 Year Warranty & Guarantee covering flaking or cracking of the new enamel surface

Bath, Shower & Sink Repairs comes with a 1 Year warranty and Guarantee except Crack Repairs which comes with a 3 month guarantee.

How long will the new re enamelled surface last?

The newly enamelled bath should last 10-15 years and maybe even 20 years if maintained and cleaned properly.

How to care and maintain the surface after it is repaired or re enamelled?

Use a standard spray cleaner and spray over the bath, shower or sink and then leave for a few mins then wipe down with a cloth or sponge. Don’t use anything too abrasive on the surface or it could dull it.

Don’t use bleach on the bath as bleach can also dull it over time and it looses its shine.

Limescale removers can be used on the surface without harm

Do i need to do anything before the Bath Repair Technician arrives to do the job?

Yes please empty the bathroom of towels, bath robes, tooth brushes, perfumes etc etc so that the bathroom is basically empty. When we are restoring the surface we may need to sand and repair sections or completely take off the enamel surface before we can put our enamel surface. Best to protect all your belongings for full bath resurfacing.

Are Miltons a local company ?

Yes we are. We are a family run company of two brothers. 

How long have been in business ?

We have been ding bath, shower and sink repairs and full bath resurfacing and re enamelling for over 30 years. We are experts in bath, shower and sink repairs, wood repairs, mastic and some plumbing services.

Are Miltons Insured?

Yes we are fully insured with Public Liability Insurance 

Are we highly rated in our field ?

Yes we have 1000 + reviews from our happy customers on Google & Trustpilot

Do Bath Repair Kits Work?

To a very small degree the bath repair kits work but the colour us usually brilliant white which wont match the colour of your surface. All surfaces have many shades of white and we colour match on the spot so the repair blends out.

1,000s of Happy Customers